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Fantasy Baseball Calculator Capabilities

Currently, the Fantasy Baseball Calculator will give you control to get unique custom rankings and draft day auction values for the following categories for both ROTO and H2H leagues of up to 20 teams in AUCTION, STANDARD or POINTS draft styles with options for the draft pool being AL-only, NL-only and ALL-MLB formats. Position Eligibility is automatically generated based on the number of games your league requires, and the ability to weight stats to your liking is also included. Pick and Choose composite stats from a number of projection sources, currently featuring 10 projection systems.

Hitter Categories
 Pitcher Categories
  • Avg
(Batting Average)
  • ERA
(Earned Run Average)
  • HR 
(Home Runs)
  • WHIP
(Walks+Hits per Inning Pitched)
  • R

  • RBI
(Runs Batted In)  
  • SV
  • SB
(Stolen Bases)

  • H
  • HLD 
  • 1B
  • QS 
(Quality Starts) 
  • 2B

  • 3B
  • HRA 
(Home Runs Allowed) 

  • HA 
(Hits Allowed) 
  • TB 
(Total Bases)
  • W-L 
(Wins - Losses)
  • CSB
(Caught Stolen Bases)
  • 2W-L 
(Wins x 2) - Losses
  • SB-CSB
(Stolen Base-Caught Stolen Base)
  • SV+HLD 
(Saves + Holds) 
  • 2B+3B 
(Doubles + Triples) 
  • K-BB 
(Strikeouts - Walks) 
  • SLG 
(Slugging Percentage) 
  • IP 
(Innings Pitched) 
  • OBP 
(On Base Percentage) 
  • K/BB 
(Strikeouts per Walk) 
  • OPS 
(On Base + Slugging)
  • K/9 
(Strikeouts per 9 Innings)
  • SB% 
(Stolen Base Percentage) 
  • BB/9 
(Walks per 9 Innings)
  • K% 
(Strikeout Percentage) 
  • HR/9 
(Home Runs per 9 Innings)
  • TB+BB 
(Total Bases + Walks) 
  • W% 
(Win Percentage)
  • HBP
(Hit By Pitch)
  • BAA 
(Batting Average Against) 
  • GDP
(Ground in to Double Play)
  • BB
  • IBB
(Intentional Walk)
  • CG
(Complete Games)
  • SF
(Sacrifice Fly)
  • SHO
  • GrandSlams
(Grand Slams Hit)
  • BS
(Blown Saves)
  • Cycles
(Cycles Hit)
  • R
(Runs Allowed)
  • PO
(Defensive Put Outs)
  • IBB
(Intentinoal Walks Issues)
  • A
(Defensive Assists)
  • HBP
(Batters Hit By Pitch)
  • E
(Defensive Errors)
  • WP
(Wild Pitch)
  • DP
Defensive Double Plays)
  • BK
  • BB
  • No Hitter
(No Hitter Thrown)
  • R + RBI - HR
(Runs + RBI - Home Runs)
  • Perfect G
(Perfect Game Thrown)
  • wOBA
(Weighted On-Base Average)
  • QS+W - L
(Quality Starts + Wins - Losses)
  •  XBH
(Extra Base Hits)
(Saves + Holds - Blown Saves)
  • GDP
(Induced Ground into Double Play)
  • SV - BS
(net saves)
  • QS + W
(Quality Starts + Wins)

I'm sure you are asking yourself, 'what makes this different?' While it is true that many other sites can be found that can do roughly* the same thing as the Fantasy Baseball Calculator spreadsheet in regards to customized rankings for categories, there are a few things that separate this from the rest.

In addition to creating custom rankings based on these categories, the Fantasy Baseball Calculator Spreadsheet also offers the ability to calculate the most valuable position for available players with multiple eligibility and, when used correctly on draft day for auctions, values of all players undrafted which will update and reflect accurate amouts based on the prices that the previous players went, starting with the very first pick. This includes generic positions such as CI (corner infielder), MI (middle infielder), INF (infielder) and UTIL (utility). 

By default, the Fantasy Baseball Calculator will generate dollar values with no restrictions on budget allocation. Simply the best players get the best values. However, for those that want to define and limit their hitter and pitcher allocations, the spreadsheet will allow you to do this with the click of a button. For instance, if you should desire 70% of your draft day funds go towards drafting hitters, simply turn the Custom Dollar % on at the setup screen, enter 70%, and everything will be calculated for you. Pretty nifty huh?

Additionally, for both ROTO and H2H formats, if you select the teams that drafted each respective player, you can get real-time feedback for projected standings for all players, the top 3 categories each team is strongest in, as well as the bottom 3 categories each team is weakest in to help identify potential trends and runs in the draft.

*I say roughly as I feel the Fantasy Baseball Calculator website addresses a minor flaw that many of the other website use when calculating replacement level positions. A flaw that, I have found, will usually cause the top 10 in any draft to change order. We all know we can't win the league in the first round, but we all certainly know we can lose the league in the first round (or at least I do - from experience before developing this), so getting your top picks right is absolutely essential for success. If you want to learn about these flaws, I highly suggest you continue reading.

To learn more about the way the Fantasy Baseball Calculator operates - Click Here