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Calculating A Dollar Amount

Calculating a dollar amount is a relatively simple process. The method that the Fantasy Baseball Calculator spreadsheet accomplishes this is by adding up all the players that have a positive positional adjusted z-score final value. In the case of Yahoo default settings with 2012 stats, this value is 239.533 for pitchers and 393.141 for hitters, giving a total of 632.674 z-score points for of all valuable (draftable) players.

From here, it is a simple calculation of calculating the ratio that a player has with this league sum, and multiplying that against the total funds the entire league has to spend on players. For a 12 team league with each team having $260 to spend, the league total fund is $3,120

For instance, with 2012 stats and Yahoo default settings, third baseman Miguel Cabrera topped the leaderboards at 12.722 replacement player points. 

In The case of Miguel Cabrera, the calculation is as follows:

After doing some simple math, we have now quantified that Miguel Cabrera was worth $62.74 in a Yahoo default auction format.

With the Fantasy Baseball Calculator spreadsheet, dollar values can be calculated for any combination of the positions (16) and scoring categories (41) that it currently offers for up to 20 teams. 

One of the limitations of the Fantasy Baseball Calculator is that it cannot take into account the uncertainty of a position. The spreadhseet will value each player evenly with all things considered. This can become a problem with pitchers. You may notice that this calculator will assign higher values to pitchers than what is typically considered normal. This is because it cannot take account the history of Pitcher Uncertainty. In fantasy baseball, Pitchers are the most volatile position. Injuries are frequent and Relief Pitchers can have huge swings in value depending on their role in the bullpen. However, There is a solution.

You have the option of defining a custom allocation of funds to Hitters (and then by deduction, Pitchers). All you have to do is turn ON the option at the setup screen, define your desired allocation to hitters, and the program will proceed to function normally - that is it.

So there you have it - that is the basic functionality of how this program works. For simplicity sake, I hid all of the worksheets and cells that do all the bits of sorting and math. This is not to keep you from seeing the inner-workings, no, this is just an attempt to keep the interface clean. For the people that just want to use it and not care to see how Excel organizes all of the information and formulae by all means feel free to. But for those that want to dig in and see how it works...I encourage it! 

To see what is left to do and how you can help - feel free to check out this page. Have any questions or comments? Feel free to contact me on our Forums and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have done this all in my spare time so please be patient if I do not respond right away. I will make all efforts for prompt communications.

I have had, and will continue to have, a lot of fun putting this together. I hope you all enjoy!

p.s. - For an interesting method on how I have found a way to predict Quality Starts, which we all know can be one of the most bothersome stats in Fantasy Baseball, read my article found here.

Good Luck and Happy Baseball