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The efforts of this site are to provide a free and easy to use Draft Day Fantasy Baseball Calculator that is adjustable to fit your exact league’s settings. I will explain all these steps and the theory behind these calculations in the following pages.

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(Last Updated March 18 2015)

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Just a side note: I am not a programmer and I am not a professional statistician, so things may appear a little rough around the edges - I apologize. If any of you have comments or suggestions (or if you want to completely redo the entire page) feel free to alter or message me and I will be glad to help. I am always looking to make improvements (even though I think it is pretty good right now).

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UPDATE (03/11/2015): 2105 early build is done. 4 projection sources are enabled. Will try to work on additional sources throughout the week

UPDATE (03/21/2014): Bugfix is in for all reported issues. Fangraphs was taken out as it was provided weird projections (i probably transcribed them improperly - i might get to it for one final update). For most purposes though this will serve as the final edition. enjoy!

UPDATE (03/08/2014): 2014 version is live. While this file is still large (12.8mb), it is about half of what the 2013 version was by changing a few bits of the logic and removing garbage data. 

UPDATE (03/07/2014): i have finished the hitters for 2014 with current projection lists: CAIRO, Rotochamp, Steamer, Fangraphs, Oliver, and Zips (6 done)

I have finished ADP positions for MockDraftCentral, Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS.

I will finish pitchers tomorrow evening and release the build for use. If i have time, I will add yahoo/espn projections into the mix.

Thank you all for your patience. I could give you a million excuses as to why this is coming in so late, none of which i'm sure you're interested in so i'll just leave it with this: sorry for any inconvenience. Last year I succeeded with the validity of this algorithm, however this year I failed in time management. I hope I can get this to most of you in time for however much consideration you wish to use this in your leagues.

Thanks, Ill keep you informed.

Update 03/19/2013

There was a bug in points formats that had 2 incorrect references. all calculations for points are now correct - i am terribly sorry for any inconvenience this has caused but essentially i had made a transposition error and had errors swapped with cycles for hitters. Pitchers were all good.

Update 03/16/2013

Average Draft Price with Yahoo bug fixed. Gave some really weird numbers and 6000+ dollars in the league budget. Fixed to more reflective and accurate numbers (thanks tyler for pointing this out)

Update 03/15/2013

Average Draft Price for auction leagues has been integrated (Yahoo and ESPN). A fix has also been put in where your big board will 'follow' players with their draft status, notes, etc if you recalculate after entering any new information.

Oliver and Zips projections have been tweaked. I found that there were some AAA players with their minor league stats were being viewed as MLB players. I believe i have got most, if not all of them fixed.

The League Lineups worksheet has changed slightly in efforts to speed up the BigBoard once more. It still isn't as fast as it was without the lineups worksheet, but it is moving along a little better (older machines have it around 2 seconds calculation time when entering teams for drafting). 

As always, let me know if you find any bugs or have any ideas.

Update 03/14/2013

There was a bug in the lineups worksheet that prevented pitchers from being sorted correctly. this has been fixed in this latest issue. I have also updated all projection lists (that had updates available) and added pecota into the mix. ADP also updated, as well as tightened up some backup transfer settings.

Update 03/13/2013

Made a change to the search function on the big board that you now no longer have to set the cell, the run the macro. Now on cell change, the macro will run for the first time, and subsequent button selections will continue per usual. This saves a couple hundred button clicks during a draft, which was a minor annoyance to some.

I also added in a new league overview worksheet titled "Lineups" this will fill in the anticipated lineup for each team based on their draft results. Overall, it works well, but there is one small issue that I am working through, but it could take some time to fix and I am tired of working on this for the last 4 days and need to take a break from it.

Basically what it does is it will look at the most valuable position a player is eligible at for each team and assign it to the appropriate spot. If there is one catcher spot, and you draft 2 catchers, it will recognize the more valuable catcher and insert them in the starting lineup, and the other catcher in the bench, or utility position (if it is the best avaialable at that time).

The one issue that remains is for human error when a team drafts a 1b/C eligible position player as their starting 1b, and drafts no other 1b. The algorithm will recognize that this player should go to the C position, and insert them there. Any subsequent catchers drafted will be placed in bench/util, and the 1B position, if no other 1B were drafted, will remain empty. This is the same for all positions (2b/ss eligible, 1b/of eligible etc)

It could take quite some time to figure out how to code for human error, so unfortunately, you may just have to settle for this at this time. I know this feature was requested by many so if anybody has any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this, i definitely have an open ear.

I also fixed the results page for leagues in points format. now you can get real results and feedback in points league drafts.

Other various minor bug fixes too - cant remember them specifically but there were a couple (low impact).

Update 03/08/2013

Introduced ADP (average draft position) analysis and comparison for Mock Draft Central, Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS. I went all the way through rotowire's ADP and didnt realize they used Mock Draft Central's ADP until I finished - just found this interesting.

Now on the big board, you can find values (as compared to 5x5 standard formats - sorry thats all I could really find) for players being above/below the ADP. 

I also added the ability to make player notes on the big board, which will follow each respective player if you were to change stats/adjust weights, and also updated the way to search for players within the big board.

Now, instead of scrolling through an alphabetized list, you can type the name, or part of the name (first or last) into the search box, hit enter, and hit the search button. Matching results will cycle through first looking at the top of the board, and then continuing down. 

I also have enabled league settings to take possible weekly roster changes into account, as well as the ability to remove relief pitchers from consideration that are not projected to contribute a set number of saves that you can define.

These features/changes came about because of the awesome users on our forums, so if you have any ideas or comments by all means head on over to our Forums and let us know! With the season drawing closer and closer, I am working on this more and more, and would love to get some more feedback.


Update 03/06/2013

fixed a couple bugs, added 3 new scoring categories: extra base hits for batters (XBH), net saves (sv - bs) and QS + W. Also manually put in eligible positions for players that did not qualify in the current format (meaning 2012 games played = 0). I used ESPN for this.

also -  a new backup is going to be required for the settings worksheet. had to shift some columns to account for the new scoring categories. sorry folks.

Update 03/04/2013

added ZIPS, Oliver, and Fangraphs. fixed a bug with OPS that gave some weird values when used that a nice user pointed out to me.

Update 02/27/2013

I found and fixed one last bug involving CI. this time, in the case of buster posey where i noticed it, if you had CI enabled and a player was C and CI eligible, he would only be viewed as a CI and lose his C eligibility. I believe i have fixed this without any program crashing errors but of course, if there are any, just let me know on the forums and I will address it as soon as possible. there was also an issue where i had accidentally copied 7 pitchers stats from 1 player (just in this last version), so if you have already downloaded today's update, i suggest downloading it again, or things will not be 100% accurate. sorry about this.

Update 02/27/2013

Fixed various table issues and a bug that was not allowed for user projected stats to override the composite averages.

added the ability to set a backup file with your league settings and player/draft info, and import it back into any new version that will be released. easy button clicks is all you will need to do, and transcribe your data one last time

Update 02/26/2013

Fixed an issue that caused CI and C to conflict with one another. I also added a new feature to restrict/expand the valuation of players to match the number of players required to be drafted, as opposed to the valuation model of the players that are needed to satisfy the league games played.

I also added in some sorting buttons on the big board, changed the positions worksheet to now reflect all eligible players as opposed to only players that were most valuable in that position, and added a new calcuation known as 'Net Worth'. Net Worth is the comparison of the amount drafted, to the current inflation value. This will be useful in keeper leagues, as well as post draft analysis. 

Update 02/22/2013

Added Yahoo projections, as well as added stat abilities for wOBA for hitters, and GDP induced for pitchers. I also made an addition to the results worksheet that shows the approximate value that each team has drafted with their budget. 

Update 02/21/2013

Sorry for the very long delay. Everytime I thought I was ready to release, I found a new bug that would set me back. For the last 2 days I have been going over my code to fix one small bug that ended up being a transposition of column NL to LN. Anyway here is what is new:

Most of the program is functional with VBA. This is to reduce file size, and increase speed in the big board. Check the instructions worksheet as it has been updated for more details. 

New abilities: you can now hide/show drafted players in the big board. There is an ability to search for players by selecting their name in an alphabetical list, with a jump to button that will allow for faster identification of players come draft time. 

ESPN projections have been enabled, as well as updates to all other systems (up to 5 now). 

Fixed a bug with the stats page that now allows for every stat to be ranked and ordered correctly. Fixed Astros being in the AL now (whoops), as well as a bunch of other little stuff that probably nobody cares about but please, let me know if you find any bugs. I feel like I have went over this with a fine-tooth comb looking for that stupid transposition error, and feel confident that it is 100% functional, but alas, I will probably be wrong (you guys are good at finding errors). 

One last thing - I have noticed a difference in the way Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 pulls data connections from the internet. I bring this up because I have found that Excel 2007, the check for updates works, but for 2010 - it may not work. I am looking for better ways to have the program check for updates so if anyone has ideas, please let me know. The way I am currently doing it, I will upload on this website the current release and the corresponding link. Within the spreadsheet, I change the version in the background worksheets to the release it belongs to. If the two dont match when the spreadsheet looks at the website, it will tell you that there are updates available. If there is a better way, please let me know!

Thanks guys - I hope you enjoy. This latest Release wasn't as fun to do as all the others, but I have a few ideas for a couple new features, and should be able to update more frequently with projection list updates now that I am done with the big VBA project.

Update 02/08/2013

I am in the process of converting a lot of the functions and values into a VBA format to allow for reduced file size and increased big board speed. This may take me some time, so please excuse the lack of updates and attention. I am working on this diligently, but there is a lot to code, and a lot of columns to check. Putting this thing together has been a bit like clockwork so everything needs to be just right before i can release it. It is early for me to say when, but i am anticipating sometime by the end of next week/the beginning of the week after until completion. 

Update 02/06/2013

Steamer Projections have been integrated into the spreadsheet.

The Ability to sort stats for pitchers and hitters has been enabled on a separate worksheet labeled 'stats' for all 66 available scoring categories that a currently offered. In this page, you can select one batting stat to review, and 1 pitching stat to review. The spreadsheet will then rank the best scores in that category with the players name, the overall rank of that player, the dollar amount, and if they have been drafted.

i also found and fixed a bug that had hits allowed pointing to the wrong reference of walks allowed. I was wondering how i went so far without having pitchers walks scoring stat in one of my previous updates, now i know why. I simply combined the Hits allowed and Walks allowed in one. This has been fixed and all other stats double checked with the help of this table. I also found a small bug for K-BB that was pointing to a reference of K/BB that was fixed, as well as a bug that had K/BB inverted, meaning Bottom Scorers were viewed as the most desireable. 

What is left for me to do is try to come up with a good way to search for players within the big board, and implement more projection systems. Im very close to getting to the point where I only need to maintain the program, as opposed to build upon it.

Update 02/01/2013

Points format is enabled! Basically all you do is select the option for "points" scoring in the settings worksheet. On the bottom of the page, two boxes will pop up with all of the options available for points formats. Enter the points per scoring category and the calculator will function just as normal. It will find the replacement level player from the games of the players at their most valuable position, positionally adjust, and assign values from there. Also, you have the ability to assign weight to each points scoring cateogory as well. These function as sort of a confidence value just like in the standard roto or H2H formats. this factor from 0-20 will value or devalue depending on how far away from 10 (which is the standard unadjusted value) your weight deviates. 

Also, you can dictate exactly how much of your budget you want to go towards hitters and by deduction pitchers in this format as well with the same boxes provided. All current projections systems are enabled and I believe I found all the bugs that go along with it. If any of you find any errors in this format, or need me to add some scoring categories (i have never done points format league before), please let me know by email or on our forums and I will do my best to improve this further.

Also a big bug fix that has been a serious problem is hopefully resolved. This all dealt with Max pitching innings and combinations of SP/RP/P values that threw this thing out of whack. I believe I have them all happy with each other now, but if I have missed yet another combination, again, please let me know and I will get it fixed pronto.

Enjoy! What I have left to do is better stat management and filtering like how I did with positions, and adding more projection systems. I have spent all my time on improving the structure and fixing bugs that I have neglected this task. I realize that this is only as good as the projections it provides so getting the most info in this area is paramount.

Update 01/31/2013:

I have improved the way the spreadsheet handles position eligibility. Now, if your settings only have OF enabled and LF/CF/RF are set to zero, all qualifying outfielders will be shown to be OF and not their respective positions as it was before. This is enabled for all generic positions: MI,CI,INF,OF,UTIL,P. 

I have also added better support for these generic positions and the spreadsheet will now calculate properly if players are eligible or not. before these generic positions aside from OF would have to manually entered - that is no longer the case. 

I am also working on a better positional breakdown table that is not ready yet. This is in an effort to reduce the amount of side scrolling that users have reported to be a nuisance. For the time being, there is not a positional breakdown feature as I removed the old one. Check back for updates.

edit: I threw together a new table format - please give feedback and I will refine further if needed. Overall I am pleased with how it looks and operates.

Update 01/29/2013: 

Thanks to the efforts of you guys, I have been able to identify and fix a lot of bugs that i probably would have never come across. Additionally, you guys have given me some great ideas to improve this little project of mine that has really taken a life of its own. I remember over 2 years ago when i was wondering how much one of Shane Victorino's triples was worth in comparison to one of Ryan Braun's home runs. That small thought while reviewing my buddy's custom league has ultimately led to this, and I'm sure to more in the future.

I have also added some defensive stat abilities to the spreadsheet. Errors, Put Outs, Assists, and Double Plays Turned. I also added Walks to the hitters categories which I somehow managed to leave out after working on this version for over a month. I couldn't believe it wasnt in there but sure enough...

Anyway we are up to 63 scoring categories within the capabilities of this program. A number that I hope does not grow any higher but, if you have any custom stats that I do not have included, just let me know and I will squirrel some more in there.

What i will be working on this week is a better league overview team view that shows what players were drafted and what positions are still needed, and many people have expressed interest in a points format, so i will be implementing this as well. If you have any ideas or bugs found, contact me on our forums and I will help to the best of my ability.

Also, we are now ranked #9 when "Fantasy Baseball Calculator" is googled. #12 for the keyword "Free Fantasy Baseball Calculator". Pretty cool to have this thing be a top page return for these queries without any search engine optimization. Hopefully this gets us more notice.

Update 01/25/2013: 

I have added 14 additional scoring categories. You can find these in the table found here. This is in anticipation of adding a Points System to the Fantasy Baseball Calculator. 

Side note: this thing has added about 80% file size over the past week and will only continue to grow. I am going to focus my time now on getting better formulas in place to hopefully reduce this size. I can see that to be the most efficient, I'm going to have to put in some VBA to change long referenced formulas into static numbers. I am not the best at VBA but I do know a little bit. I will keep a side project of this going on but for the mean time, you will just have to be patient with the 15mb file. On the big board, it will still run about as quick before when drafting (and I'm testing on an old PC right now), so while im not all too concerned about the current state - getting this optimized is my top priority. I'm not interested in putting something out there that cannot be used on draft day so if there are any VBA/excel gurus that want to take part in updating this to an xlm file with me, feel free to reach out to me. 


Update 01/22/2013: 

We now have current ROTOWIRE projections added as well. Additionally, The Fantasy Baseball Calculator can determine Position Eligibility based on your league's settings for games required. Also, a statistical category weighting system is put in place, meaning you can inflate, or deflate certain values (like holds, saves, quality starts, stolen bases, etc) to your liking. If you are in a standard 5x5 and want to punt saves for some reason, you can enter a low number like 2 for the Saves Category, and they will be valued at 20% of their unadjusted value in the final league settings. Additionally you can boost a certain  statistical category but up to 2x the unadjusted value by assigning that category a weight of 20. These values can be changed mid draft between picks, and should give you an excellent draft day advantage.

If you want to add your own projections, you can now locate the player of interest (or add him), and fill out their basic 8 or 9 stats you will find listed to override the projection system with your own. This way, you can project the players you want to, without having to go through and do the 1000+ player pool in its entirety - The fantasy Baseball Calculator will take care of the rest!

Update 01/20/2013:

 We now have historical seasons 2008-2012 in the database, with the ability to average any combination of those seasons for review of past performance. Additionally, Projection Systems are being put in place. Currently CAIRO and ROTOCHAMPS are the only 2013 projections I have put in yet, but this will be updated with a lot more, hopefully in the week of January 20th.